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Dejuane Mccoy ( Social Media Talent) 

"MHB & B.LEE givin me opportunity I neva thought I'd have"

CJ Weathers ( F Boy Island Season 3 contestant ) 

"MHB and B.Lee helped me expand my brand as well as get me into many modeling, brand, and tv opportunities!"

Seven ( For The Love of Lena, Music Video Talent, Music artist, Model ) 

"I feel I’ve been pushed and reached a lot of my goals at a much faster rate with the help of B. Lee & MHB"

Ric Alston ( Business Owner, and Social Impact ) 

"B.Lee & MHB has supported my goals and helped guide me in the right path to success and structure for my brand and creative"

Benet Tyson ( Social Media Impact, Brand Ambassador)

"B.Lee & MHB helped me explore with my colabs and put me on different brands"

Sk Kel ( Music Artist , Model) 

“B.Lee Help me grow as a man and understand business better, & help me as a brand to see how other brands work and become successful”

RNS Tray (Social Media Impact) 

"MHB & B.Lee helped me with connecting with other people, brands, and learning wise."

Roman Tatum( XFL Athlete)

"MHB have pushed me, encouraged me, and most importantly b.leeved in me. I have been blessed with opportunities because of B.Lee and MHB!"

Destiny ( Social Media Impact, Brand Ambassador) 

“MHB & B.Lee Motivated me to hit my goals and help me expand to more people."

Horace Dodd ( Actor, BET A Family Business, BET Black Hamptons ) 

"B Lee is a leader and a visionary whom has connected me to many brand opportunities"

Demari Davis ( Model, Actor)

"It's working for me! B.Lee and MHB Helped me connect to brands and opportunities" 

Norris aka 21 ( Streamer, Model, Social Media impactor )  

“B.Lee and MHB help me uncover potential that I never knew I had"

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Always looking for new Talent for 2024. Please Do not complete if you do not have a platform that is 15K or more. 

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